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Meet Erica

Does this sound familiar... You wear a lot of hats. Career, Business owner, partner, Mom, PTA member… you’re not trying to “have it all,” you just have a lot to do.  You’re tired, foggy, and fueling your days of meetings, errands, and science projects with coffee, wine, and the kids’ snacks.  You’re totally frustrated:


Even when you’re getting in your cardio or not eating that much, you still feel… flabby.  You want to look and feel better, but you have no time — no time to spend hours at the gym, no time to cook separate “healthy” meals for yourself, no time to figure out why you lose 10 pounds only to gain them right back (plus 5).   


Imagine this!  You have the body of your dreams without sacrificing any of the time and energy you give to your work or family?  You're just as successful at achieving your health and fitness goals as you are with everything else?

That person that put everyone else first was me.  Until one day, I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize myself anymore.  3.5 years later I became an IFBB Pro Body Builder, as a Single Mom and Business Owner.  And now, I'm EXCITED to show YOU how to have the healthy body of your dreams!!!

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