Get ready to Feel Great and Look Fabulous this Holiday Season, with the


The Holidays Are Coming!

They call it the 'Most Wonderful Time Of the Year', but all you can think of is the presents that need wrapping, the tree that needs decorating, the turkey that needs roasting, the in-laws that need hosting, and the cookies that need baking.

On top of all that, you're supposed to show up to work, remember to pick up the kids from school, AND work out and cook dinner?! All without eating every cookie you baked before the guests even arrive?


That's where my #HBG Holiday Healthy Body Guide comes in.

What's the Holiday #HBG?

The Holiday #HBG teaches you HOW to get it ALL done through Goal Setting and Daily ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT, AND HOLIDAY CHEER


You'll receive Simple Meal Plans with seasonal recipes, as well as a suggested list of easy to find food and affordable ingredients, that’ll reduce unbearable cravings.  


You'll receive Highly effective and easy to follow workout Plans Via my Erica Brawner #HBG Fitness App. My #HBG workouts are designed to ignite your metabolism and BURN calories!!! AND, workout with me, with Facebook LIVE Festive Fireside Workouts


All within an exclusive private Facebook group (100% Free GIFT), where I’ll guide you with daily motivation, answer ALL of your questions before and during our time together.  That means you’ll have direct access to myself AND a few special guests, with interviews to INSPIRE, motivate and keep you focused. ALL with other like-minded Woman who’ll support YOU!


YOU CAN DO THIS TOO. Give yourself the gift of the Holiday #HBG, Healthy Body Guide, this season. 

My Healthy Body Guide is designed to have you feeling GREAT and looking FABULOUS with easy to follow exercises and simple recipes that I’ll show you how to prepare.  When you have a plan, it takes the guess work out of HOW to achieve your healthy body goals. I’ll teach you how to EXCEED YOUR goals!

Get ready to Feel Great and Look Fabulous this Holiday Season, with the Holiday Healthy Body Guide!

2018 Erica Brawner