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I help busy, successful woman like you,

feel and look their absolute best.

Learn how to FEEL Strong, Confident and Sexy


Just because you’re at the bottom of your own to do list, doesn’t mean you can’t be in

the best shape of your life!

Does this sound familiar?  You wear a lot of hats:  Mom, Wife, Business Owner, Partner, PTA Member…

You’re not trying to “have it all,” you just have a lot to do.


You’re tired, foggy, and fueling your days of meetings, errands, and science projects with coffee, wine, and the kids’ snacks.


You’re totally frustrated:  Even when you’re squeezing in cardio AND not eating that much, you still feel… flabby.  


You want to look and feel better, but you have no time — no time to spend hours at the gym, no time to research programs, no time to figure out why you lose 10 pounds only to gain them right back (plus 5).


What if you could get the body of your dreams without sacrificing any of the time and energy you give to your work or family?


What if you could be as successful at achieving your health and fitness goals as you are with everything else?

I’m Erica Brawner and I’m here to help you fit yourself back into your busy life, so you can fit into anything you want (and feel amazing).


My Healthy Body Guide, provides easy to follow exercise plans designed to compliment your current schedule instead of rearrange it. You’ll never have to skip or stress out about a workout again!  The plans are all designed to be done either in your home OR a gym!  It's time for you to feel strong, confident and sexy for good. 


Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life and join hundreds of women already in the HGB community?

IMG_5873 (1).JPG
You can do this, too!

JOIN Me today!


Join the HBG Society and easily track your workouts and get the support of the community on the Erica Brawner HBG App. Does it get any easier?!

HBG society

Goaldiggers Welcome 

A transformative group experience that provides multi-tasking Women, like you, with the momentum, accountability, and inspiration you need to look and feel your absolute best.  

Enrollment includes exercise plans via the Erica Brawner HBG App,  and weekly emails to keep you connected and motivated as you work towards shared goals with like-minded Women.

Each month has a different mindset focus — from confidence to time management — so that both your body and your mind are getting sharper, stronger, and fit for life.

You have a babysitter to help with your kids,

a hairdresser to help with your hair, and an accountant to help with your taxes… why not an app to help you look and feel your best?


JOIN THE HBG society


LEARN HOW TO FEEL Strong, Confident and sexy!

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